About Us

Precision Biosensor is a leading in vitro Diagnostic (IVD) company
that provides various POCT (Point-of-care Testing) solutions
such as Time-Resolved Fluorescence (TRF) immunodiagnosis and
clinical chemistry diagnosis for human and animals
based on disease biomarker detection technology.


Precision Biosensor is a vertically fully integrated company that
deals with businesses ranging from Research and Development (R&D)
of diagnostic reagents and devices to the production of raw materials,
manufacture, distribution and sales of products.


Precision Biosensor possesses TRF Platform with enhanced sensitivity and
accuracy compared to the existing POCT products, by applying the technology
of eliminating the background from the detection signal and 2D imaging,
as well as independently- developed software algorithm.

Products & Portfolio

Precision Biosensor possesses a variety of test cartridges and
analyzers that can measure quantitatively in various areas where
sensitivity and accessibility are important such as Cardiac and Infection, etc.